New Horizon by Matthew Wright
New Horizon by Matthew Wright
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New Horizon by Matthew Wright

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Matthew Wright has been creating incredible close-up levitation systems for over 15 years and now he has returned to where it all began.

A completely new hook-up system has taken this incredible card floating effect into the stratosphere. It is designed from the ground up to make sure it is totally practical and usable in the real world.

With no external hook-ups this completely self contained unit means you can carry this effect with you in your pocket and be ready to go into it within a second of taking out your cards.

This effect is great for all performing environments, close-up, parlor and even stage. A spectator can reach in, select a card and sign it….or they can simply look at a card…or even just name a card…perfect for socially distancing or virtual shows. Whatever way the card is chosen, one card slowly starts to creep out from the center of the deck. As it reaches the edge of the deck it now starts to levitate its way out of the pack and then floats across into your waiting hand. The card is shown to be the selected card and can now immediately be handed out for examination and can be given as a souvenir if desired.

Reset takes just a few seconds and you are ready to go again.

A truly stunning and visual piece of magic.

If you were a real magician….this is how you would do and tricks!

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