Motivational Cards 2.0 by Luca Volpe
Motivational Cards 2.0 by Luca Volpe
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Motivational Cards 2.0 by Luca Volpe

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After much anticipation, the highly requested MOTIVATIONAL CARDS 2.0 are finally here! Now crafted with durable, 100% plastic and featuring a sleek, new box design!

Engage your audience with this powerful tool for mentalism and divination. Invite a spectator to envision a future aspiration or goal, then have them select a card from the deck. The chosen card will serve as a guiding beacon, empowering them to pursue their dreams.

As the spectator silently reads the inspirational quote and focuses on the captivating image, you’ll establish a profound connection with their inner thoughts. With remarkable precision, you’ll reveal the image they’ve chosen, unlocking the gateway to their past, present, and future.

These versatile cards seamlessly integrate into both close-up and stage performances, serving as a standalone act or seamlessly blending into a larger Q&A routine. More importantly, they foster a deeper connection with the sitter, leaving a lasting impact.

Experience the power of mind reading with an emotional hook. Order your MOTIVATIONAL CARDS 2.0 today!


  • A specially designed box with a special crib printed on it.
  • A custom-crafted crib sheet, eliminating the need for memorization
  • Durable, 100% plastic cards built to withstand years of use
  • Video download and PDF instructions

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