Buddha Box Shimmed Lid (Half Dollar) by Chazpro
Buddha Box Shimmed Lid (Half Dollar) by Chazpro
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Buddha Box Shimmed Lid (Half Dollar) by Chazpro

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Buddha Shimmed Lid – The design of the Buddha Coin boxes are not just for looks! The curved sides, as well as other design features, make a number of the standard Okito box moves a breeze. The routines possible with the coin box are endless, as the many books and dvds on the subject will attest.

Here is one basic effect: The coins are placed into the box and the box is placed on the back of your hand. Tap the box and the coins penetrate through the box and hand. The box is opened and shown to be empty. The Buddha Box Shimmed Lid is a brass lid that fits on all the other boxes and looks like all the other lids. It can be examined. It is shimmed so it can pick up and retain a magnetic half dollar or similar size coin. Secretly getting ‘one ahead’ is what it’s all about!

This listing is for a lid that fits half dollar-size coin boxes only.

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