X-RAY by Rasmus Magic
X-RAY by Rasmus Magic
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X-RAY by Rasmus Magic

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The ultimate Which Hand effect + the ultimate Kurotsuke Effect!
All needed props included!

X-Ray is the first Which Hand effect and Kurotsuke method to date, that gives you the ability, with rolled up sleeves and no electronics, to guess with 100% accuracy, where the hidden object is. For the first time in magic, Rasmus shares his underground method, that is extremely simple and deceptive to lay people and to magicians as well.

X-Ray uses no electronics and can be performed sleeveless. There is no need to touch the spectators. The method is self contained. You could even do both effects Which Hand and Kurotsuke completely naked if you wanted to.

Includes one black and 4 white balls, for the strongest and most fireproof Which Hand and Kurotsuke style effects, where you guess with 100% accuracy, in which hand the black ball is.

Do it one to one with one black ball
Do it with 5 spectators
Do it with one white and one black ball to one spectator
Do it with a coin or with 2 different coins to one spectator
You know at all times, where which of the coins is (coins not included)

– Extremely simple to use
– 100% accurate every single time
– No complicated setups
– No long and complicated stories to tell
– No electronics
– No noise issues
– Completely self contained
– Invisible method
– Everything you need is included
– Works also perfectly with coins (coins are not included)
– Same range as other professional devices
– No need to touch the spectators
– Instant get in and get out
– 100% original and never before published method
– Perfect for TV shows (no sound issues and no electronics in play)
– No interferences or noise issues with microphones
– Which Hand and Kurotsuke included
– You get a nice velvet bag with 5 plastic balls (one is black) and the gimmick that allows you to do these miracles


“Rasmus is clever! I don’t know how he does he Which Hand, but it looks real!
– Uri Geller

“I love ‘Which Hand’ effects, I probably tried them all. X-Ray by Rasmus is by far my favorite method! I love it!”
– Menny Lindenfeld

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