WOW JUMBO by Katsuya Masuda
WOW JUMBO by Katsuya Masuda
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WOW JUMBO by Katsuya Masuda

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WOW JUMBO Vol.1 (Face of a card changes once.)

This is the jumbo cards edition of ‘WOW’, the magic beloved by magicians all around the world!

Please experience the new visual that only jumbo cards can bring.

In the instruction video, how the jumbo cards are managed in the promotion video (an easy way to do a ‘double lift’) is explained.

This item includes a simple kit you need for this operation.


Magicians asks the spectator to sign on the chosen card and to return it to the deck…

Set the different card into WOW3.

With makes magical gesture towards the case….

The different card VISUALLY changes into signed card. Everything happens right in front of spectator’s eyes…

This unbelievable situation is just like you’re watching computer graphics.

The signed card can be given as a souvenir.

Instruction is provided through a video.

The jumbo cards are not attached. Please prepare by yourselves. (in the promotion video, Bicycle jumbo cards are used.)

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