Within by Arnel Renegado - Video DOWNLOAD
Within by Arnel Renegado – Video DOWNLOAD
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Within by Arnel Renegado – Video DOWNLOAD

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Effects that will change your coffee experience
Your coffee experience will never be the same again.


Just by holding the cup you cause the liquid to subdside and amazingly make it fill again.

INKCUP / Cause a mark to jump back and fort from the cup square lines.

OVERFLOW / Cause the coffee to filled and make it overflow.

HAUNTED COFFEE / Make a coffee cup move and rise by itself.

BEE STRAW / A straw,plastic spoon,or stick balance into the edge of a cup.

NOTE: It doesn’t need to be a Starbucks cup to make a gimmick, you can also make it like any other cup that some coffee shop or restaurant uses, we also notice that some fastfood or restaurant now a days uses the same cup for their drinks that Starbuck uses.




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