UNSEEN Blue by Manoj Kaushal
UNSEEN Blue by Manoj Kaushal
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UNSEEN Blue by Manoj Kaushal

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Their SIGNED CARD appears in THEIR HANDS, warmly wrapped inside THEIR BILL.

Card to Impossible Location is a classic and for good reason — it is one of the strongest effects in all of card magic.

From card to wallet, card-to envelope, card to box, card to shoe, to card to… well, you get the picture.

All magicians know the strongest magic happens in the hands of the spectator… UNSEEN does just that!


You borrow a dollar bill (or any paper/plastic currency) from a spectator and you place their folded bill on a table. Next, you ask them to place their hand on top to make sure you don’t ever come near it!

They choose ANY CARD and SIGN their name on it. The card is then lost in the deck or for that matter, completely vanishes!!

You ask them to slowly lift their hand and, inside, they find THEIR card wrapped inside THEIR bill!

  • Use any currency
  • No forcing
  • No palming
  • Card can be signed
  • No skill required
  • An instant miracle with you at all times
  • Comes pre-assembled ready to use
  • Full instructional tutorial

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