Ultimate Egg Bag by Mr. Magic
Ultimate Egg Bag by Mr. Magic
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Ultimate Egg Bag by Mr. Magic

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With the Mr. Magic Ultimate Egg Bag, you can vanish and make an egg appear right before your audience’s eyes!!

The Ultimate Egg Bag has a see-through front. Your audience can SEE the magic happen!!!

The magician shows a small velvet bag whose front side is transparent. On the back is velvet. The interior clearly shows there is nothing inside. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere… an egg appears. The magician takes the egg out and places it in a nearby hat. To the surprise of everyone, the egg reappears in the bag! This process can be repeated as many times as you would like. Many possibilities with the Mr. Magic Ultimate Egg Bag!! Magicians have done full routines with this classic in magic, now improved with a see-through front. You’ll fry ’em!


  • Pair of plastic eggs
  • Special egg bag
  • Written instructions for full performance

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