Tyvek Himber Envelopes (2 pk.) by Alan Wong
Tyvek Himber Envelopes (2 pk.) by Alan Wong
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Tyvek Himber Envelopes (2 pk.) by Alan Wong

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Tyvek Himber Envelopes are great utility poker card size, double sided himber envelopes, brown color, made in very durable tyvek material.

They are made for switching and multiple outs:

  • Switch any freely chosen card into your force card
  • Use any two force cards and reveal either one as your prediction
  • Use two double face cards in one envelope to have four possible outcomes
  • Use any blank card with any words, symbols and numbers for the above applications

I use two of them in my magnetic Himber wallet and there are four outs but spectator sees one envelope and one card.

Comes with 2 tyvek envelopes. No instructions included.

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