Thimble Stars by Stephen Ablett video DOWNLOAD
Thimble Stars by Stephen Ablett video DOWNLOAD
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Thimble Stars by Stephen Ablett video DOWNLOAD

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Thimble Stars is a 4 minute thimble manipulation routine, as Stephen performs in his children’s show, adult parlour, and in close-up situations.

He performs it over 250 times a year in his children’s show to comedy patter, which ends in a spring rabbit production. His close-up version ends with the vanish of all four thimbles.

The routine has been devised to work around all bad angles, eliminate steals and awkward moves and make the routine as ‘fool proof’ as he could make it. He doesn’t wear a jacket or use sleeves. The only clothing requirements are that you have trouser pockets.

There are many live performances featured on the download, including some to music along with a full explanation of each move in the routine.

This has been his opening routine since 2007 and he has won several competitions with this act. This is Thimble Stars.


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