The Magic Goblet by JT
The Magic Goblet by JT
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The Magic Goblet by JT

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Using a goblet in card magic will make the effect more stereoscopic and make the entire card magic look more elegant. However, what troubles magicians is that ordinary goblets are very fragile, making it difficult for magic performance to proceed properly, and ordinary goblets are not easy to carry.

Our Magic Goblet is made of super durable organic glass that won’t break when squeezed or dropped, but it’s as transparent as a glass. It has almost the same texture as glass, and it looks like a real glass goblet. It is very lightweight and easy to carry.

Its size perfectly matches the size of a deck of playing cards. Its shape is beautiful and natural, with a distinguished design that looks like a regular goblet we often use, rather than a specially made magic prop goblet.

Since Magic Goblet does not break, it is very durable, it lasts a lifetime. Therefore, the cost of using this accessory is extremely low, and the price of Magic Goblet is also very cheap!


  • The size perfectly matches a deck of cards.
  • Will not break, lightweight, convenient to carry.
  • Extremely transparent, it looks like a real goblet.
  • Excellent quality and reasonable price.

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