The Invisible Billet by Bob Cassidy AUDIO DOWNLOAD
The Invisible Billet by Bob Cassidy AUDIO DOWNLOAD
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The Invisible Billet by Bob Cassidy AUDIO DOWNLOAD

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What if you could have a powerful technique that makes billets virtually invisible in your hands?

Or an impression device hidden in an innocent item that no one would think twice about — yet it becomes a deadly information gathering tool in your mentalism arsenal?

Even better yet, taking Dr. Seuss’ beloved book “Green Eggs & Ham” and using it to present a dynamic book test your audience will enjoy?

Mentalism legend Bob Cassidy has done it again…

In his new ebook and MP3 audio commentary “The Invisible Billet” he not only reveals those three items but also goes deeper into other tools, techniques and ideas you can use right away.

Bob has always explored new and cutting edge techniques in the world of mentalism, but now he’s presenting some brand new ideas and reworked several old ones and put them together just for you.

Inside “Invisible Billet” Package Bob Uncovers:

  • How To Turn Easily Available Matchbooks Into Powerful Tools Designed To Deliver Information To You Quickly And Effectively…
  • An Ingenious New Card Deck For Bob’s Card Memory Routine That Makes It Almost Foolproof…
  • How To Turn An Innocent Children’s Book Into A Fun To Do Mental Routine That Audiences Love…
  • Bob Revisits & Reinvents Syl Reilly’s “Brain Echo” And Brings It Up To Date…
  • How To Use Frixion Pens In A Spooky And Amazing Routine Called “The Eye”
  • The Secret To Making Your Own Sticky Note Type Billet Board Impression Device…
  • Plus Much More…!

This power-packed package is filled with Bob’s insights, experience and sage advice… information that has made him a legend of mentalism.

Included in this package:

  • “The Invisible Billet” Ebook
  • Exclusive 56-Minute MP3 Audio Commentary


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