The Flying Thimbles by Vernet Magic
The Flying Thimbles by Vernet Magic
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The Flying Thimbles by Vernet Magic

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Chink-a-chink is a miracle routine that has been performed by masters such as Max Malini, Fred Kaps and Albert Goshman. You can do this act of pure magic with a recognizable object: the thimbles. Everything is thoroughly examined by the spectators. The magician shows his hands empty. Then, the thimbles magically travel from one place to another and finally they gather in one corner. This is a true miracle!

  • Perfect for close-up, strolling magic, TV and social media.
  • The thimbles are examined by the audience
  • You can show your hands empty before and after the trick
  • You can perform some classic thimble moves and finish strong with “Flying Thimbles
  • Instant reset
  • Video download with step by step explanations
  • Includes specially manufactured thimbles and video instructions

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