The Endless Chain (World's Greatest) video DOWNLOAD
The Endless Chain (World’s Greatest) video DOWNLOAD
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The Endless Chain (World’s Greatest) video DOWNLOAD

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The very puzzling and entertaining con game known as the Endless Chain has its roots in an old Gypsy swindle from the 1500s called “Pricking the Garter.” It was subsequently adopted by magicians in the 1800s and has been used to delight, captivate – and humorously frustrate – audiences to this day.

In this video, you’ll meet three different performers who each take a turn at demonstrating this classic scam. Johnny Thompson leads off with a three-phase routine coupled with a very funny kicker ending while providing additional moves and subtleties in the explanation segment. The UK’s Bobby Bernard also demonstrates and teaches a three-phase routine but also supplies an ending that can add a bit of magic to the effect. Finally, Canada’s Phil Matlin performs a three-phase routine with a pseudo-explanation segment that brings his version to a very satisfying end.

Audiences are enchanted by tales of con men and swindlers and with the help of the world-class performers featured here, you’ll be able to add a routine to your show that is not only inherently interesting but is something that your spectators are unlikely to have ever seen before.

Running Time Approximately: 30min


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