Stone Garden V2 Playing Cards
Stone Garden V2 Playing Cards
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Stone Garden V2 Playing Cards

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“A shroud of mist rolls across the courtyard, yet the statues stare into the fog as if their gaze will penetrate it, while wings are taught, and fangs barred to warn those who would dare to invade this holy place. It is believed that no spirit foul or fiendish dare approach this sacred ground, for under strict protection lie all who pass beneath the grotesque and gruesome gargoyles who stand sentry. The lives of all within these walls are safe from demonic descent or even the downfall of a destructive deluge, for the astute gargoyles will defer either attack away from this hallowed sanctuary and bid them return from whence they came.”

Stone Garden is a uniquely designed custom deck of playing cards that exalts the gothic gargoyle; statues and architectural adornments whose purpose lay in the protection of the individuals within Medieval Churches. Created by Jody Eklund, Stone Garden captures, the style of this by-gone age, with the striking reflectivity of double-sided full-foil printing.

This technique, uncommon to playing cards, highlights the perfect detail within the art. Additionally these images are brought to life through sculpted embossing which brings an elegance to the deck worthy of these noble protectors sculpted upon medieval roofs and buttresses.


  • Premium quality paper stock
  • Gold HOT FOIL STAMPING on both outside and inside of tuck box
  • The tuck case will have strategic 3D EMBOSSING


  • Backs/Faces – Double-sided full foil with printed CMYK inks
  • Size – Poker size
  • Paper stock – Premium Casino grade
  • 54 custom illustrated face cards

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