Solid 3 Shell Game by Leo Smetsers
Solid 3 Shell Game by Leo Smetsers
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Solid 3 Shell Game by Leo Smetsers

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“The Solid Three Shell Game” by Leo Smetsers is a real hit!

If you already own Leo Smetsers’ “Three Shell Game” then this will be a great addition!

You play a regular game of Three Shell with you audience. What they don’t know is that the shells, which you show as being hollow, one by one turn into solid cups. Your audience will be even more amazed when you still stack the cups at the end of the routine!

Even though the cups are now solid blocks, you will still be able to continue the game. You have total control from under which cup you want to make the ball appear.

The cups are pleasantly weighted and hand polished, to give them a mirror finish. The weight allows the cups to be handled with ease while switching them for empty cups.

Leo will take you on an elaborate step-by-step tour of the explanation of this special ‘Three Shell Game’ finale

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