Reversion by Ryan Bliss video DOWNLOAD
Reversion by Ryan Bliss video DOWNLOAD
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Reversion by Ryan Bliss video DOWNLOAD

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Ryan Bliss is at it again! This time he offers an uber clean two-phase card routine that looks impossibly fair. Imagine handing out a blank card to be examined by your spectator as you ask them to choose ANY card from a regular deck. The spectator is then asked to place the blank card anywhere in the deck. Moments later, it inexplicably changes into the selection as if by magic.

The second phase is just as magical as he first and can be done as a standalone effect. A FREELY selected card is placed face up in a face up deck, sticking out half way. With a shake, the selection visually turns face down. With a wave, the entire deck turns face down. The spectator pushes the card into the deck and with a snap, it again turns face up!

This modular two phased routine is great for walk around, requires no gimmicks and offers and excellent lesson in an under utilized technique that you will be practicing immediately! This is REVERSION.


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