REPLICA by Jimmy Strange
REPLICA by Jimmy Strange
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REPLICA by Jimmy Strange

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Replica is taking the classic blister effect and bringing it into a new dimension, simply get your spectator to choose a celebrity, then take a lighter from your pocket and slowly wave the flame over your thumb or finger and see an image of their chosen celebrity blistered on your fingers.

Not only can you use Replica for a blister effect but you can go one step further, and have the celebrity appear on your hand, business card, receipts, or dollar bill in charcoal using the Ash Revelation effect.

Replica comes with props and 4 celebrity gimmicks to use, Freddie Mercury/Johnny Depp/Elvis Presley/Marilyn Monroe, simply attach gimmicks to a prop of your choice… lighters, card box, wallet etc…

  • Easy to perform
  • No resetting
  • Visual

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