Reel Magic Episode 24 (Paul Gertner) - DVD
Reel Magic Episode 24 (Paul Gertner) – DVD
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Reel Magic Episode 24 (Paul Gertner) – DVD

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Feature InterviewPaul Gertner:
Wayne Kawamoto talks to Paul Gertner about the development of his Steel & Silver routine and performing for Johnny Carson

David Kaye – Kid Show FUNdamentals
David Kaye says USE WITH CAUTION!

Jon Armstrong – Sessions, Orlando Pt. 3
Michael Eaton shows us a better way to do card on ceiling.

David Roth – ROTH
David Roth fools you with copper silver extraction.

Garrett Thomas – Try this at home
Garrett talks about matching your decks.

David Regal – Tricks of the Trade
Reviews some expensive tricks – are they worth it?

Paul Gertner “A familiar ring”
from Steel and Silver by Paul Gertner

Dan Tong “Bill to wallet”
from Dan Tong Live! by Kozmo Magic

Justin Miller “Seal a feign”
from Strolling Hands Vol. 2 by Kozmo Magic

Move Monkeys:
Charles Watson “Centrifugal move”

Dennis Goodlett “Classic pass Lead-in”

Jason Greenamyer “Strike color change”

Running Time Approximately: 1hr 45min

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