Re View by Paul Carnazzo
Re View by Paul Carnazzo
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Re View by Paul Carnazzo

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An amazing close up mentalism routine that you can carry in your pocket or wallet!

Photographs have been used for decades in remote viewing experiments. In some of these experiments, one subject is in a room looking at a randomly selected photo, while another subject sits in another room and tries to describe details about the first subject’s photo.

The National Institute of Parapsychology has done extensive testing in this area, and they’ve found that some images were more successfully remote viewed than others. Some of these images had a higher success rate when the image appeared in color, while others were more successful in black and white.

Interestingly, it was found that the photographs themselves weren’t as important as the imagery associated with the photos, and merely visualizing a particular target from a list could result in successful tests. In fact, they now use targets from a list of 24 images that have been the most successful in these tests.

The participant mentally selects one of these targets and is asked to imagine that they are looking at a photograph of the target in either color or black and white. After a short three phase visualization process, the performer amazingly starts to reveal details about participants’ target. The performer then names the target the participant merely thought of!

Re-View can be performed for multiple spectators at once or one on one.

The method here has not been used on any of the previous Mental Voyage Test Cards. It is extremely deceptive yet as simple as can be.

Re-View is a two card set. The routine is flexible, and you can easily perform the routine with just one card, but with the second card, you’ll have different options in terms of method and presentation.

With Re-View you will be ready for a remote viewing demonstration anytime!

The following is true about Re-View:

  • Twenty four different target items
  • Extremely deceptive method
  • No progressive anagrams
  • No dual reality
  • No memory work
  • Great presentation possibilities
  • Durable plastic cards

You’ll get 2 plastic cards and downloadable PDF instructions.

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