Quatro Wallet (Q4) by Eran Blizovsky
Quatro Wallet (Q4) by Eran Blizovsky
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Quatro Wallet (Q4) by Eran Blizovsky

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The Quatro Wallet is a new multiple outs wallet that can be used for 4, 8 or even more outs. The wallet is a great utility tool for close-up/walk around workers, and for mentalists in stage or parlor settings. Use the wallet with cards, books, newspapers, magazines and everyday objects, or even as a switching device for billets, bills and more.

The wallet is made from high quality soft leather, comes in a box with a deck of cards and an explanation video sharing some ideas and routines for close up and stage. The wallet has a special marking so you can always know the orientation of your outcome.

The wallet itself is 3.5 x 5″ (9cm x 12.5cm) and is very thin.

A must for close-up workers and mentalists – just toss it into your jeans pocket and you are ready to go!

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