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Sponge Ball Magic is a modern classic that exists in most magician’s repertoire.

If you have ever performed Sponge ball magic, you know that it never fails to bring joy and astonishment to audiences no matter young or old.

Maybe you have been performing sponge ball magic the same classic way as everyone else.

There is no doubt that there are countless masters of sponge ball magic that have come before us.

This time, we want to show you something special with Sponge Balls.

We call it Pure Cup. It’s a clear cup with Sponge Balls.

There are no gimmicks.

Everything you see in the trailer is performed using pure sleight of hand.

All moves and techniques are modular and can be easily assimilated into your existing sponge routines.

Pure Cup by TCC Presents comes with an entirely translucent cup, made from resin. Resulting in a beautiful and durable cup. The cup is designed to resemble the rounded shape of the classic metal cup for the Cups and Balls.

  • Translucent resin cup.
  • Downloadable tutorial video
  • No gimmicks. Pure sleight of hand.


  • Appearance/vanish (Basic technique)
  • Appearance of a ball in an empty cup (A red ball appears in the empty cup when shaken)
  • Shape and shadow change (Back and forth transposition between the hand and the cup)
  • Transformation (The ball changes shape back and forth in the cup/outside the cup, becoming bigger and smaller)
  • Color changing ball (Two hands)
  • Color changing ball 2 (One-handed)
  • Single ball vanish (a super clean sponge ball vanishing technique, 360° angle)
  • Touch vanish (the moment the cup touches the ball, the ball disappears)

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