Pop Haydn's The Six Card Trick (DVD) by Whit Haydn
Pop Haydn’s The Six Card Trick (DVD) by Whit Haydn
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Pop Haydn’s The Six Card Trick (DVD) by Whit Haydn

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This DVD teaches the complete moves, patter and presentation for his wonderful routine for the classic trick known as the Six Card Repeat. This is a sleight of hand version of the trick, but there are only a few moves, and they are not difficult to master.

This routine is both amusing and magical, and works well for any audience, whether adults or children. The humor is built into the situation, and Pop explains everything you need to know about performing this very entertaining routine and getting the most out of every second.

The original trick was created by Tommy Tucker, and made famous by Roy Benson and Clarke “the Senator” Crandall.

Pop Haydn has clarified the premise and simplified the routine, and removed all the repetitiveness of these prior versions. His routine has a logical through line, and a clear plot, as well as a more definite climax and a more satisfying ending to the effect.

Pop Haydn’s routines are noted for their nuanced layers of magic and entertainment, with comedy based on character and situation rather than on one-liners or glib patter. The plot of this routine makes sense, and creates a real story that is magical and fun.

This DVD teaches not only the magic, but the important aspects of delivery and acting that truly bring it to life for an audience.

This is a chance to add a great routine to your stage and parlor shows, and to learn some important concepts about the art of magic and the art of acting.

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