Phil Plus Outdone
Phil Plus Outdone
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Phil Plus Outdone

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Present this trick as you like, but here is a new, awesome way to do it. It’s done differently from how it’s shown in the video trailer – but it’s the same deck – both effects are possible with Phil Plus Outdone!

This new presentation has an awesome twist to the conclusion. You place 2 business cards on the table at the start, with a prediction written on the back of each. A spectator is then asked to name a playing card – free choice.

The playing cards are then shown to have different 4-lettered lady’s names printed on the back of each one. Someone else is asked to call out a thought-of lady’s name comprised of 4 letters (e.g., Rose).

The predictions are turned over… shown to be INCORRECT matches. However, when the business cards are switched places with one another, the playing cards are then turned over to reveal they match perfectly with the business cards now next to each one!

The twist to this trick even has magicians scratching their heads!

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