Paper Ink by Marcos Cruz
Paper Ink by Marcos Cruz
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Paper Ink by Marcos Cruz

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A new twist to the classic effect, Water in the Newspaper. Marcos Cruz has come up with a fabulous and modern version!

The gimmick comes ready to use, in two versions:

Water in the newspaper: Pour three liquids of different colors into a newspaper. Show the interior of the newspaper – the liquid has vanished! Even more magic happens, as you now pour out the individual colors from the newspaper.

Let’s paint the book: Show a coloring book to children. Explain that, in order to color, modern times will have you use paint with magical ink instead of crayons. Add the three liquids to the book and the magic happens — the drawings are now in color! For a finale, individually pour out each ink color from the coloring book!

This effect is a MUST for children’s parties. The gimmick is ready to use so you can perform this magic right away for your audience.

Includes an instructional video.

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