Origram by Alexis Touchard - Download
Origram by Alexis Touchard – Download
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Origram by Alexis Touchard – Download

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Origram is a new gimmick to turn a card into a credit card, a bill (any currency you want), a business card, a prediction, you have a lot of possibilities with this gimmick.

This an idea of a routine:

Ask your spectator to tell you a shape, for an example “triangle”. You then take the gimmick out of your wallet. You shake the playing card and it turns into a plastic white card with a triangle drawn on it.

It’s a very visual change. You can perform it in close-up magic, street magic and on social media!

You can remove the gimmick and adapt it onto whatever you want like an ID card, a business card, a membership card. This is a versatile gimmick and that’s everyday carry, you will always have it on you!! It’s an organic magic effect.

It’s really easy to perform and you can build it on your own.


  • Very Visual
  • Easy to Perform
  • Fast Reset
  • Versatile Gimmick
  • You can do it on a Blue or a Red Card
  • For Close-Up and Social Media
  • Everyday Carry
  • Organic Magic


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