Off Side by Rizki Nanda - Video DOWNLOAD
Off Side by Rizki Nanda – Video DOWNLOAD
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Off Side by Rizki Nanda – Video DOWNLOAD

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This is what has been said about Off Side:

“Rizki’s Matchbox effects will ‘light up’ your performance, truly ‘striking’ magic!” – Dave Forrest (Professional magician & Creator of new best seller effect called “LOXELY”)

“So visual, well done!!” – Finix Chan (Creator of best seller effect called “JAIL BREAK”)

Off Side is a unique solution from Rizki Nanda a magic creator and performer to make a solid matchstick through a solid matchbox effect anywhere and anytime.

This is a Visual solid thru solid effect with a very easy method.

Key points:

  • Easy to do!
  • do it anywhere and anytime
  • Fully examinable before and after

Q&A – From Manufacturer

Q: Can I use a borrowed Matchbox?
A: Yes you can, with a little bit of Set Up.

Q: How much Set Up is there?
A: Very little, just a quick setup.

Q: Is it examinable at the End?
A: Yes, I write it inside the description and even if you want it can be examined before the trick begin.’


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