Ninja+ Deluxe CHROME BLACK (With Online Instructions) by Matthew Garrett
Ninja+ Deluxe CHROME BLACK (With Online Instructions) by Matthew Garrett
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Ninja+ Deluxe CHROME BLACK (With Online Instructions) by Matthew Garrett

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These rings are of the highest quality. The amazing chrome black finish is a color between traditional silver and dark matte black.

This chrome black finish is shiny and is our favorite finish. The plating is of the highest quality and does not chip and is very hard wearing.

“Holyshoot! Matthew has created a new and original trick. It works great both with ninja rings and on its own.”
– Shoot Ogawa, Ninja Rings Master

The explanations are clear and easy to follow. There are basic moves and a beginner’s routine so you can quickly and easily perform this effect.

There are also more advanced flourishes, moves and an advanced routine for sleight-of-hand workers.

You receive everything you need to make this effect possible.

The large rings are 4 1/2″ (11.5cm) in diameter and are black chrome plated.

The smaller rings are a high quality black and silver tungsten carbide. (NOTE: Size of boxed finger ring prop will vary, and choice of size is not available.)

With this set you receive DVD Volume 1 & 2 with English and Spanish with subtitle options, as well as online video instructions for Volumes 1,2,3 & 4 (English).

Volume 1 & 2 Chapters:

  • Silent Performance
  • Introducing Rings
  • Ninja Rings Live
  • Difficulties with Rings
  • Props
  • Crash Link Ninja Ring
  • Crash Link Finger Ring
  • Strike Unlink Ninja Ring
  • Links Variations
  • Crash Palm Link
  • Crash Unlink
  • Switching in Ninja+
  • Strike Link Ninja+
  • Strike Unlink Ninja+
  • Unlink to Finger
  • Transposition Move
  • Finger Ring to Other Hand
  • Drop Link
  • Ninja+ Chain
  • Basic Chain Unlink
  • Basic Routine
  • Spin Unlink
  • Fire Production
  • Fire Production & Vanish
  • Ring sequencing
  • Flourishes Intro
  • Coin Roll
  • Jumping Ring
  • Coin Moves
  • Ring & Rope
  • Flying Link
  • Advanced Routine
  • Advanced Routine Explanations
  • Credits
  • Beginner’s Idea
  • Custom Sets
  • Bottle Links
  • Table Link
  • Hand Links
  • Forehead Link
  • Ring Moves
  • Neck Chain Link
  • Unlink to Finger
  • Bar Routine
  • Spellbound
  • Gaffed Flying Link
  • Balancing Link
  • Double Link
  • Advanced Ring Sequencing
  • Spin Sequencing
  • Watch Production

Volume 3 Chapters:

  • Intro
  • Showcase
  • Crash Linking Other Objects
  • Multiple Rings
  • Polo Mints
  • Polo Crash Palm Link
  • Polo Drop Link
  • Polo Finish
  • Reusing the Broken Polo
  • Impromptu Polos
  • Polo Drop Link Variation
  • Competition Set-Up
  • Polo Demo
  • Switch in Moves
  • Switch Out Move
  • Reversing Switch In
  • Bottle Link with a Borrowed Ring
  • Bottle Link Improved
  • Ring Thing with Ninja+
  • Use of Fire
  • More with Flash String
  • Himber Ring
  • Pocket Management
  • 2 Ring Gimmick
  • Ring Transposition
  • Managing the Finger Ring
  • Link Refinements
  • Unlink Refinements
  • Palming Worries
  • Spectator Management
  • Framing the Magic
  • Recommendations
  • Jazzing
  • Routine
  • Shoot Ogawa Interview
  • Introduction
  • Ninja Ring Techniques
  • Minimizing Movement
  • Ultimate Rings
  • Shoot’s Ninja+ Ideas
  • The Bangle Link
  • The Bangle Unlink
  • Solid Ring Penetration
  • Topits & Sleeving
  • Flicking Finger Ring Unlink
  • Logic for Ninja+
  • Shoot’s Drop Link
  • Late Additions
  • Matt Le Mottée Showreel

Volume 4 Chapters:

  • Matt Le Mottée Presents
  • Showcase
  • Ninja+ Olympics Showcase
  • New Key Ring Technique
  • Flying Long Distance
  • Flying Static Link
  • Planar Links (1,2,3)
  • Flying Planar Link
  • The Impossible Link
  • Clamped Link
  • One Handed Palm Link
  • Up the Ladder
  • Thumb Marks the Spot
  • Edge Grip Link
  • In Conversation
  • Matthew Garrett Presents
  • Showcase
  • Unlink to 3 Fingers
  • Ring to Mint Link
  • Coke Link
  • The Double Gimmick
  • Work with No Key Ring
  • Thumb Marks the Spot 2
  • Handling Subtleties (Hand Transfer, Ramsey)
  • Middle Link (1,2)
  • Rubber Polo
  • House Key Gimmick
  • Bangle Display
  • Ninja+ for Stage
  • Logic, Entertainment & Emotion
  • Linking Rings Close Up
  • 360 Degree Link
  • 540 Degree Link
  • Flying Link
  • Side Link
  • Spin Unlink
  • Drop Link
  • Arm Link
  • Shape Link
  • One Handed Work
  • Live Performance of Ninja+

“The material is powerful, and your instructions are very clear.”
– Jeff McBride

“Absolutely amazing!”
– Derren Brown

“Holyshoot!! Matthew has created a new and original trick. It works great both with ninja rings and on its own.”
– Shoot Ogawa, Ninja Rings Master

“I have thoroughly enjoyed fooling people with this. Thank you, Matthew, you have a great idea here!”
– Chris Capehart, Ringmaster

“Heartily recommended for close-up and walk-about.”
– Ali Bongo, former President of the Magic Circle

Ninja+ is the only magic effect I’ve bought in the last 2 years! That’s not just a quote, it’s the truth.”
– David Stone

“The best linking rings routine ever!”
– Justin Miller

“I suggest buying Ninja+ as soon as possible, a brilliant routine!”
– Lee Smith

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