N8 RED by N2G
N8 RED by N2G
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N8 RED by N2G

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This is a real miracle that cleverly uses the characteristic of ancient Chinese coins – N8

In front of the audience, you visually move the hole in the middle of the coin to the edge, and finally remove it directly from the coin and transfer the hole to a signed playing card or a water bottles. The coin can be carefully examined by the audience before, during and after the performance.

N8 comes in 3 different colors, which opens the door to endless possibilities. Imagine how magical and powerful it will be to combine the effect of hole transportation with color change!

The instructional video explains different performance methods and routines in detail. The props include an ordinary ancient Chinese coin and two gimmick coins, which can be used immediately after opening the box.

If you’re looking for a unique coin effect, don’t miss the N8.

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