N12 (Black) by N2G
N12 (Black) by N2G
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N12 (Black) by N2G

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Traditional Western currencies in coin magic usually only achieve the usual effects of transferring, disappearing, appearing and changing color. However, the special design of ancient Chinese copper coins provides coin magicians with more creative dimensions: holes and Chinese characters. In the last product of the N series, N11, we explored and experimented with the changes of Chinese characters on ancient Chinese coins.

Today, N2G has made a bolder attempt with the launch of a new product, the N12. In this product, the Chinese characters on ancient coins can not only be “taken down”, but also become smaller ancient coins alone! It’s like a mother giving birth to four children, completely subverting the traditional coin process.

If you want to throw off the shackles of traditional coin effects and create a unique coin magic experience, try the N12, which will give your audience completely unexpected surprises!

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