Missing Piece (Mona Lisa) Parlor By Paul Romhany & Connie Boyd (bags may vary)
Missing Piece (Mona Lisa) Parlor By Paul Romhany & Connie Boyd (bags may vary)
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Missing Piece (Mona Lisa) Parlor By Paul Romhany & Connie Boyd (bags may vary)

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The Missing Piece – Parlor Version By Paul Romhany & Connie Boyd

“It’s REALLY REALLY Fooling and VERY VERY clever ….
David Penn & Paul Longhurst – 100% The World Magic Review show

“You think you know the puzzle prediction, think again! This is a very deceptive puzzle prediction with a diabolical method that allows you to work on the presentation rather than worry about the method.”

“I’ve been utterly obsessed with exploring jigsaw puzzle effect methods for more than a decade. Released my own version some years back and have since closely watched every new magic & mentalism puzzle release with great interest. Most have done little to advance the existing work. Until now.
The Missing Piece baffled me, initially, as my only explanation was a method that I thought was simply not feasible. I was wrong. What you see is not a ‘best-case-scenario,’ it’s the procedure and outcome every single time! No forces. No equivoque or linguistic trickery. The method is both clever and elegant. Bravo!”

– Eric Samuels

“It’s 6:30am and Paul Romhany just treated me to a live video viewing of the new release THE MISSING PIECE! It is quite simply BRILLIANT!!!! I am in love with this release and more so with the method…it’s GENIUS and as a busy working pro I don’t say that lightly! I already have an idea how I’ll use this in my show. It is worth EVERY PENNY as this will be a feature in anyone’s act for years to come!”
– Matt Johnson.

The ONLY version of a puzzle routine where the spectator has a FREE choice – NO FORCING!! The Parlor Version goes beyond any regular puzzle routine with more than just find a missing piece.

NOTE: You can perform this as a regular missing piece routine as in the large version shown in the promotional video or do the version Paul created with more spectators involved.

UPDATED GIMMICK – since the original release Paul has created a brand-new gimmick that makes this even easier and cleaner to use. All parlor versions will come with this new gimmick.

The parlor size of The Missing Piece is 11″x14″ and fits into a laptop bag is the ideal size for those who do parlor shows. I have performed this from small groups of people to shows with over 500 people.

THE MONA LISA VERSION: Paul Romhany has taken the puzzle concept, combined it with the original The Missing Piece and turned it on its head. This is MORE than choose a piece and it’s missing. In this version spectators choose (or write down) the name of a famous person, something a person might be doing, and where in the world they might be. The final choice will be Mona Lisa drinking a glass of red wine in front of the Eiffel Tower. A prediction postcard is shown to have the exact painting matching what the spectators chose.


Puzzle pieces are shown, and a spectator has a FREE choice – the puzzle is revealed to show Mona Lisa drinking red wine in front of the Eiffel Tower! The ONLY piece missing is the one chosen by the spectator.

This is the first time any puzzle routine has been created to offer more than a choose a piece it is missing concept. Paul has fleshed it out in a FULL routine.

The graphic was created by a professional designer and looks like Leonardo da Vinci painted this himself.

REMEMBER: Spectator gets a FREE choice from a piece from the puzzle, you start and end clean. The cleanest version ever created with a puzzle routine.


  • An invite to contact Paul Romhany who will give personal lesson on how to use it.
  • Gimmick puzzle – each unit is numbered because of limited quality – all hand made.
  • Backing board
  • Carry bag
  • Gimmicks
  • Special bag to force the three chosen things, Mona Lisa, Eiffel Tower and Red Wine (NOTE: the puzzle requires NO force, and the bag is optional for a routine)
  • Postcard reveal of prediction.

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