Mirror Coin by Meir Yedid Magic
Mirror Coin by Meir Yedid Magic
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Mirror Coin by Meir Yedid Magic

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A blank coin is also referred to as a planchet or a flan and is technically a round metal disc that is used to strike coins. This coin is a blank with a shiny mirror finish.

David Roth popularized the idea that these blanks can be used in coin magic by changing them into any coin using spellbound moves.

But it is almost impossible to have them manufactured in the shape and size of US coins due to some counterfeiting regulations… Until now.

You get a single coin which is the exact diameter as a US Half dollar, with milled edges, but is just a little thicker, with a Mirror Nickel finish. Comes with access to a video tutorial.

The Mirror Coin can also be used as a shiner!

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