Manifest by Vortex and Danny Weiser
Manifest by Vortex and Danny Weiser

Manifest by Vortex and Danny Weiser


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IDEAL for the modern performer who is looking for magic where the spectator doesn’t have to touch anything. By asking questions you are able to reveal a destination, a name and phone number INSIDE a sealed luggage tag.

This is one of the most innovative uses of the Confabulation premise and one that actually makes sense with a modern day theme.

You aren’t limited by what they call out. You can print your own luggage labels and have different prediction on them.

NO PALMING – The clever gimmick makes this SO EASY to do.


BASIC ROUTINE – Imagine being able to ask for any information pertaining to travel, such as destination, a name, and phone number from your audience only to have it written inside a sealed luggage tag!

This version of Confabulation is one that FINALLY MAKES SENSE. The luggage tag is in FULL VIEW the entire time yet the prediction ends up inside.

You will learn in detail the handling for different performing situations.

CLOSE-UP/STROLLING – with the tag in full view you can perform this hands off routine so the spectators don’t have to touch anything.

PARLOR/STAGE – The luggage tag could be on your performing case throughout the show and you have items called out – you are then able to show them the luggage tag and what was called out matches what is written on the label inside the luggage tab.

ONLINE PERFORMANCES – During lock down a few select magicians have performed this routine. During their show they have their performance case in view with the tag. They say they can’t wait to get back to doing shows around the world and ask several questions to their audience of where they would like to see them live. Everything called out appears on the label INSIDE the luggage tag. This is the perfect ONLINE routine for the virtual magician.


TUTORIAL with performing and handling options

LUGGAGE TAG – The gimmick luggage tag does all the work and makes this an easy routine to perform.

SAMPLE LABELS – A stack of cards so you can perform straight away. (note – you can make your own labels for you own routine)

NOTEPAD – the notepad was designed just for Manifest.

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