Magical Plunger (2016) by Tenyo Co.
Magical Plunger (2016) by Tenyo Co.
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Magical Plunger (2016) by Tenyo Co.

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A mysterious plunger finds your card

When this trick was first released, magicians around the world could not stop singing its praises. It’s a first-rate card routine that is unique, fun, baffling, and best of all, easy to master. We have added something new to the gimmick, making it more natural and reliable to perform.

Mini Plunger
Deck of cards (Bicycle brand)
Special gimmick
Instruction sheet

1. A spectator tells a random number to the mini plunger. When you push the plunger against a deck of cards.
2. The plunger miraculously lifts exactly that number of cards!
3. This time, a spectator selects a random card, remembers it, and returns it to the deck.
4. The spectator whispers the name of the selected card to the plunger. When you push the plunger against the deck… the cards cut at exactly the right location to locate the selection!

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