Magic of John Ramsay DVD #1 by Andrew Galloway
Magic of John Ramsay DVD #1 by Andrew Galloway

Magic of John Ramsay DVD #1 by Andrew Galloway


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Andrew was the only student of the legendary Scottish magician (1877-1962) and he has done for misdirection, through the work of Ramsay, what Dai Vernon achieved for natural handling, through Erdnase. Thus, he has brought a new and deeper level and understanding of magic to us ordinary mortals, provided we are willing to study and practice!

The routines and sleights shown here are as unique as they are amazing … and you WILL be amazed! Indeed, you will be even more astonished when you witness the explanations, for the methods are as diabolically cunning as the effects are sophisticated.

Included on this DVD is a wonderful lecture by Andrew on the art and science of misdirection which in itself is worth many times more than the price of the DVD. There is also rare footage of John Ramsay himself.priceless to both students and collectors.

Contents Include:

– The Triple Restoration
– The Ramsay Cups and Balls
– Cylinder and Coins
– The Ramsay Colour Change
– The Cards to Pocket
– Puzzling Thimble
– Cut and Restored Rope
– Slow Motion Coin Vanish
– Five Thimble Production
– Six Card Repeat & “The real secrets of misdirection”

This is not a DVD to watch for casual is a DVD to study deeply and savour and one in which your knowledge, understanding and appreciation of magic will be elevated to a new and higher level!

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