Magic Farm by David Williamson - DVD
Magic Farm by David Williamson – DVD
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Magic Farm by David Williamson – DVD

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This DVD features an effect David Blaine performed a number of times on his Street Magic Special – Eddie Fetcher’s “Be Honest  – Was Is It?” (also referred to as the “Two Card Monte”).  David Williamson offers a terrific version of this great in the hands card trick with his variation entitled “The Memory Test” don’t miss it.

Magic Farm contains more of the magic that has made Dave one of the most sought after magicians in the world! You’ll see Dave perform powerful new audience-tested routines like Liar’s Poker, a devilishly clever gambling routine, and Funner Color Stunner, Dave’s wicked Color Changing Deck routine. Dave also reveals some of his favorite uses of his Striking Vanish! Each of the seven fabulous routine is performed before a live audience and then thoughtfully thoroughly and entertainingly explained. It’s the most fun you’ll ever have learning magic!

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