M and Magic by Gustavo Raley
M and Magic by Gustavo Raley
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M and Magic by Gustavo Raley

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Gustavo Raley presents an original and novel routine for your children’s shows.

The magician shows a board with an M&M chocolates motif and gives it to the child assistant to draw a picture of one of the M&M cartoons and place their signature on the drawing.

A color is chosen from a catalog of colors. Magically, the drawing is now colored in the exact same color selected by the assistant! There are then two more effects, whereby the whole catalog is transformed into the chosen color and, finally, the magician causes a package of M&M’s to appear – it is then given to the assistant.

An attractive routine with lots of magic, very easy to make and prepare for children. They love it!

An original routine of Gustavo Raley based on the idea of John Breeds’ Visible coloring painting.

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