Letter V by Handy Altan -TRICK
Letter V by Handy Altan -TRICK
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Letter V by Handy Altan -TRICK

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Magician take out a bag with voodoo kit, voodoo doll, needles, and left a letter inside the bag, and left untouched.

Then magician ask spectator to freely choose how many needles he/she want to use, and ask to freely stab it at the voodoo doll at any spot he/she desire.

After that, magician take the untouched bag that contain only one piece of vintage letter, and reveal that inside the letter contain a picture of voodoo doll with marks in the same place and numbers the spectator freely choose to stab.


  • Handcrafted voodoo doll
  • Handcrafted pouch
  • Needles
  • A prediction letter
  • An extra customizable letter to write a prediction with your language

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