L FORK by Long Long & Bacon Magic
L FORK by Long Long & Bacon Magic
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L FORK by Long Long & Bacon Magic

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Nothing surprises the audience more than bending the metal with your mind! Imagine, you can make forks turning almost into “liquid metal”, and then bending, melting, and snapping in front of audiences’ eyes.

LongLong’s classic works: L Fork. Requires only some simple, natural sleight of hand to easily bend forks like butter!

You don’t need to worry about the temperature or the environment, even the angle. You can perform it easily at anytime, anywhere, even let the audience check the fork.

The whole routine will give you a strong visual impact, LongLong will teach you a clever way to bend the tines of a fork. Through the full online instructions, LongLong will teach you several revolutionary sleights and routines.

L FORK presented an exquisite solid storage bag for you to store these forks.

  • 30 gimmicked forks
  • 3 ungimmicked forks
  • Full online instructions
  • Solid storage bag

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