Key Prediction by Richard Griffin
Key Prediction by Richard Griffin
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Key Prediction by Richard Griffin

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A marvelous prediction effect! You show a key fob with a prediction on it, attached to your keys. This is placed face down on the table. Four objects are borrowed — a key, a phone, a coin, and a card. The spectator is asked to discard one of the objects — this is repeated until one remains. You ask the spectator to turn over the key fob to reveal the prediction. Printed on the key fob is the name of the remaining object!

The spectator has a free choice of which object to discard each time. No force.

Reset is only a second.

You receive the special key fob, gimmicks, and instructional DVD.

You also receive gimmicks that enable you to predict an ESP symbol that your spectator is thinking of, and blank gimmicks so you can predict anything you desire.

Key Prediction — you’ll have fun blowing your spectators away with this one!

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