Key Prediction 2.0 by IARVEL MAGIC and Kaifu Wong
Key Prediction 2.0 by IARVEL MAGIC and Kaifu Wong
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Key Prediction 2.0 by IARVEL MAGIC and Kaifu Wong

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Astonish your audience with the power of the Key Prediction 2.0 – an ingenious prop that allows you to seemingly read minds and predict any two-digit number a spectator chooses, before they even think of it.

Basic Effect:

Introduce the elegant key tag and tell a captivating story about its origin. Now hang the key tag and invite a participant to freely choose any number between 0 and 99, it could be their birthdate, the last digit of their phone number, a lucky number or just a random number. With a theatrical flair, turn the key tag over to reveal the inscription at the back. The inscription at the back miraculously matches the random number that was chosen by the random spectator.

Key Features:

  • Utterly Impromptu:
    No force or manipulation involved. The number selection is completely random.
  • Examinable After Effect:
    Real number tags are used in this version of the gimmick so feel free and let the audience scrutinize the key tag – there’s nothing suspicious about it.
  • Smaller and Lighter:
    By engraving numbers to both sides of a tag, we were able to cut the number of tags in two. The result is a more portable and lighter set.
  • Completely Analogue:
    This version is more reliable because it requires no electricity or any form of external power source. Completely analog! No batteries, electronics, or hidden technology – just pure, baffling magic.
  • Simple:
    Operating it is straightforward and quick.

What You Receive:

  • 1x flight care
  • 1x Round key plate periphery is rotatable
  • 1x The sponge holding board for the number plates (slots for holding 50 pieces of number plates)
  • 1x Number plates made from iron (number from 00 to 99, total 50 pieces)
  • 1x Transparent show stand(with two black hooks)
  • 1x Convenient hooks (with black hooks)
  • 1x Black note-pad(with a magnet under the left corner)
  • 1x Double headed marker pen

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