Jumbo Invisible Deck by Tejinaya
Jumbo Invisible Deck by Tejinaya
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Jumbo Invisible Deck by Tejinaya

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A magician asks an audience to choose one favorite card from an invisible deck, and to tell the magician what card it is, for example, 5 of Spades. Then tell them to turn the card over and put it back.

Because you can’t see it, it’s actually just a gesture. Then remove the mesh bag and ask the audience to put the invisible deck into the bag. In the moment, a real deck appears in the bag. Open the deck box, take out the card from inside, and open it face up. There is only one card facing back.

Turn the face back, it matches the card the audience described before. As it is a jumbo card, it is very easy to perform and visual effect.


  • Jumbo invisible deck
  • Online instruction video

The bag used in the above performance can be purchased through the product “multi-appearance bag”

This product and online instruction are the same as “multi-appearance bag” product.

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