JIBAKU by Parlin Lay video DOWNLOAD
JIBAKU by Parlin Lay video DOWNLOAD
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JIBAKU by Parlin Lay video DOWNLOAD

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A great mentalism effect, which could be presented as scary or even romantic!

Parlin Lay is a mentalist from Melawi – Indonesia. He has come up with many great effects – as a result, his name is well known in the magic community. One of the effects that hit the market is BIG MIND. Now he has released his new creepy effect called JIBAKU. It is based on a story of a little witch that had been killed brutally a long time ago. People believe she might come back and take revenge one day… Dare to play this game? Read on!

A witch’s photograph is placed on the table. Several cards are then presented, each having a different name. Spectators mix up the cards, and place them into an empty envelope. They then shake the envelope until they are satisfied the cards are well mixed. When spread back onto the table, all the cards are face down except for one, revealing a name. The photograph is turned over, and the name is the same! (If you’d rather, you could tell a romantic story instead of a scary one.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Template of the photo and name cards are included in this download.

The gimmick is easy to make.


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