Inside by Michel
Inside by Michel
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Inside by Michel

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The impossible nested prediction

The mentalist displays a completely sealed envelope, then a spectator freely names any card. The performer takes out a closed card box from inside the envelope. The spectator holds the box and opens it. Inside the case, there is a deck of cards and a prediction folded into quarters. The prediction reads, for example: “Your card will be the number 14.” The spectator counts 14 cards in the deck and finds his freely named card!

  • The spectator can name ANY CARD
  • No memory or calculations
  • Both sides of the card box are shown
  • The spectator takes the cards and the prediction from the box
  • Use your own deck of cards

You receive:

  • A specially manufactured card box and envelope
  • Special gimmick
  • A Post-It pads
  • Video download with step-by-step explanations

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