Houdini's The Great Escapes by Mark Lee
Houdini’s The Great Escapes by Mark Lee
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Houdini’s The Great Escapes by Mark Lee

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The most famous magician in history is at it again – Houdini!

The magician displays three cards. One has a picture of the famous escapologist, Houdini, and two others have pictures of turn-of-the-century constables. The three cards are placed together, with Houdini in the middle, and are given to a spectator to hold. A handkerchief is now placed over the cards, to illustrate how Houdini could escape from the most impossible situations. The handkerchief is then removed to show only two cards remain – Houdini has vanished! You now reproduce Houdini from your pocket, wallet or anywhere you choose. All the cards can now be fully examined without Houdini’s secret being revealed!

  • No threads
  • No magnets
  • No sticky stuff
  • No flap cards
  • Easy to perform

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