Harlan Premium Blend- #2, DVD
Harlan Premium Blend- #2, DVD
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Harlan Premium Blend- #2, DVD

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Brand-New Innovative Magic Brewed by One of Our Best…

From the highest fertile grounds of the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Lake Tahoe, California comes one of America’s most prized collections of high-quality close-up magic. Dan Harlan’s Premium Blend performances have been hand-selected from only the finest routines in his vast field of expertise. Whether you crave the luscious simplicity of powerful presentations or the deep dark smoothness of authentic sleight-of-hand, you’re sure to find a flavor you cannot live without.

Volume Two – Deck Aid

  • UNGIMMICKED STRIKING MATCH — The spectator stops you as you deal through the cards. The selection matches a jumbo prediction. There is no gimmick and the deck is normal.
  • COUNTER CROSS — The cards across with no palming or gimmicks.
  • PEEK REVERSAL — A spectator simply peeks at any card as you riffle the corner of the deck, but you instantly reverse the selected card without any fishing at all.
  • HARLAN HAUNTED HOOKUP — The haunted deck using Harlan’s method which can be done with a borrowed pack.
  • INTUITION — Presentation and handling of Dr. Jacob Daley’s last trick in which the red aces change places with the black aces.
  • SLOMOCO ACES — Harlan’s new handling of Vernon’s slo-motion ace assembly in which four odd-backed aces vanish visibly one-at-a-time and travel to the leader pack.
  • BOUND AMBITION — The selected card rises while the pack is rubberbanded and the top card has been checked to make sure it is not the selection.
  • ATTRACTION — Two selected cards travel from two separate packs into a third pack to be discovered on either side of a third random selection. No palming.
  • COPY-CARDS — The deck of cards instantly changes into sheets of paper with photocopied pictures of the cards on them.

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