Handed Out Jumbo Deck by Astor
Handed Out Jumbo Deck by Astor
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Handed Out Jumbo Deck by Astor

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Imagine this. The spectators shuffle the deck, they peek at a card, and they shuffle the deck yet again.

Still, the performer can name up to 4 spectators’ cards individually, one by one!

Perform it in close-up, parlor, or stage conditions.

  • No fishing
  • No memory work
  • No marked cards
  • No angle issues
  • Super easy to master and to perform


Because a normal-sized deck is smaller than the magician’s hand, that makes it possible to use sleight of hand techniques. Due to this being a mental experiment, I would like to avoid the possibility of using any sleight of hand techniques; therefore we use a Jumbo deck for this demonstration.

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