Grimoire Bicycle Deck by US Playing Card
Grimoire Bicycle Deck by US Playing Card
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Grimoire Bicycle Deck by US Playing Card

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GRIMOIRE” /grim’wär/-
“A forbidden book of magic spells and incantations… a gateway to the secrets of the supernatural…”

In the darkest depths of your imagination, The Grimoire Deck awaits. Containing a wicked menagerie of gothic imagery, subtly adorned with classical Celtic iconography. The Grimoire Deck is crafted by one of the most sought after artists in the magic industry, Manoj Kaushal. His carefully designed, richly detailed images capture the enchantment and mystique of the ancient Magical text after which it is named.

Using USPCC’s legendary Bicycle card stock, The Grimoire Deck is comprised of twelve customized skeletal court cards, two custom jokers, a Grimoire double backer and a Grimoire/Mandolin double backer.

The Grimoire Deck By Titanas Magic Productions.

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