Gogum & Friends Playing Card Boxset
Gogum & Friends Playing Card Boxset
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Gogum & Friends Playing Card Boxset

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Mr. Gogum has posted a series of daily comics on Instagram called “Mr. Gogum”, which is about Gogum’s daily life with his friends. Among them are the leggy Fish Kang, the 180cm-tall Rabbit Hee, and the cynical Bear Doli.They’re a bunch of cute, real, and attractive fellows.

Meet the story for a committed life with Mr. Gogum and Friends playing cards.These cute furries cope with life, how to break the fence holding them down, and live with wonderful fragments.

We print in MPC with German paper. This boxset have the standard deck and gilded deck two deck.Gilded deck print 520.have number seal (only in iron gift box)

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