Fulton's Cinematics Avalon Edition Playing Cards
Fulton’s Cinematics Avalon Edition Playing Cards
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Fulton’s Cinematics Avalon Edition Playing Cards

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The finest playing cards ever produced. These cards began their journey in 2014 as a name and idea Fulton had based on his hometown history of Los Angeles and the silent film era. Gorgeous picture palaces and deco styling. It wasn’t until 2019 when Fulton met Ethan Kowaleski and shared the idea with him over coffee on Magazine Street in New Orleans on a balmy, rainy night. Ethan was clearly the artist to bring this to life.

This is the new classic. The Fulton’s “Circle Back” he had longed to create since the early 2000s.

Metallic Pantone inks make this shine. Printed on Buck Twins crushed stock by the US Playing Card Co. Tuck box exquisitely letterpressed to vintage perfection by Clove St in San Diego CA.

This is the deck of a lifetime and a new classic.

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